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March 2, 2014 –, a leading website acting as a directory for massage parlors, announced today that they have added new listings to their database of massage parlors. The website provides a complete listing across the country of various massage parlors in different states and information on these establishments. These listings make it much easier for potential customers to be able to locate the businesses and gives direct points of contact and other important information regarding the parlor. The company has been gradually expanding their database as more information is acquired so they can make the most comprehensive massage parlor database on the Internet. sets itself apart from other directories by providing as much information as possible for its users. It researches links provided to make sure information is accurate so that potential customers of massage parlors have all of the right information, including the location, phone number, hours of operation and a website where provided. This can prove very useful for anyone who needs to know as much of the specifics as possible before they decide which massage parlor to visit. It can also make things easier for those who may be visiting other states to find any locations that may be near where they are going to stay. takes things even a step further by providing added information. They list hourly rates where available so that customers can compare prices in a particular region to see which place has the best prices. They also will list the type of massage style that is performed at a particular location and let them know what credit cards may be accepted at a location. They also provide customer reviews and a Google Maps view to make it easier to get directions to whatever location a customer may be going to. There are other services available on the page to allow links to social media. is an informational website that provides an easy place for customers to find massage parlors in their area and for massage parlors to get their business listed to provide additional exposure and advertising for their business. Those who may be interested in locating a massage parlor in their area or in an area they may be visiting or businesses who are looking to get a listing in the directory on the website are encouraged to visit the website for more information and the opportunity to contact for more information regarding listings.

About is a directory website that provides listings for massage parlors located all over the United States. It provides detailed listings of information regarding establishments, including address, phone number, hours of operation, website information, rates, customer reviews and detailed maps so potential customers can easily find a particular location. The site is searchable by city and state to make the location process easy and as quick as possible.

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